Friday, May 8, 2009

Introducing Wild Magnolia and Willow Album Design

Recently we started working with a new album maker, Rebecca Shostak, who is based out in Santa Monica, California and founded Wild Magnolia Design last year. Becca is unique in that she only offers albums made of recycled and environmentally sustainable materials. Her books are gorgeous, handmade works of art and to top it off they have a very fair price tag. We've been searching for a long time for someone who fits all of these criteria and are delighted to have found Becca! Check out her work here and her unique philosophy here.

For the actual layout, we'll be using Britney Gardner of Willow Album Design. We love her clean, elegant designs and feel that they'll beautifully showcase our documentary shooting style.

Not only are Becca and Britney awesome at what they do, entrusting the album design process to them leaves us time to do what we do best: photographing and photo editing. We are delighted to have found these two wonderfully talented people and we will have a sample album to show off in the near future!

We just received our goodie box this week and wanted to show off some of the materials that Becca offers her clients:

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